Paddy McHugh & The Goldminers - Trials and Cape Tribulation

by Arrest Records Australia



released July 20, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Snowmen
My brother and me started work back in 1968
Asbestos was our trade making pipes and walls and brakes
To the factory every morning getting home well after dusk
Covered in the dust The Snowmen they called us

And we used to wonder sometimes if the dust it could harm us
But the boss man he said 'nut' and the pay it was good enough
So for years we kept on working always breathing in the stuff
Wash it down at the pub The Snowmen they called us

Of the blokes who started work here there's only seven of us left
And my brothers amongst the dead and with this cough I will be next
When I die before you lay my bones down in that mud
Sprinkle them with dust The Snowmen they called us

And we'll sing to our last breath James Hardie caused our deaths, oh James Hardie caused our deaths.
Track Name: Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre
Mama feared I'd end up in trouble I was six foot five and all muscle
She said son use those big old hands for good and I meant it when I said I would
But I got me into a bar room fight he threw two lefts I threw one right
His head hit the bar started pissin blood my hands were shakin when the cops showed up

But tell my Mama not to worry just tell her I've gone fishing with Arthur Gorrie

Recession came and the work dried up I still owed money on the truck
All I could do was drive much longer hours I barely saw my wife and daughters
I was near the end of a 14 hours stretch only had a few hours left
I took some pills just to see me home and how the crash happened I still don't know

But tell my children not to worry just tell em Dad's off working for Arthur Gorrie

My parents split when I was a baby my aunty and uncle raised me
Lord how they tried but it weren't no use and I took to drinking booze
I was drinking on the street one morning up jumps a copper without warning
He says If you've seen one you've seen em all so I broke my bottle across his jaw

Tell my uncle tell my aunty tell em both that I'm really sorry
Tell em there ain't no need to worry just tell em I'm off drinking with Arthur Gorrie
Track Name: Mistress on the Floor
Way back when in the days of Old
The was a young man with a fiddle in his hand and he lived out on the road
Ain't no girl had ever held him down
He had his fiddle named Judy and he'd scratch on her till Tuesday and they always kept roamin around

Then at a dance in some back wood town
In walked a girl with brown skin and blue eyes he fell in love and put Judy down
And as he watched he watched her twirl
He fell under her spell and he got down on his knee and he said won't you marry me girl

Well she said hell I know your type
And as long as you have Judy you will never be true to me and I never will be your wife
So they went down to the river bank
That's where he said good riddance to her and he pushed her in the river and he ain't ever ever looked back
Track Name: The Old Men of The Railway Hotel
Christmas Eve at The Railway Hotel but there wasn't any cheer
Just a few old men and the smell of smoke and beer
Nobody had mentioned Jesus but to take his name in vain
The bells heard in the distance was just the passin trains

The barmaid Jules was callin last drinks eager to get home to her kids
The old men were getting restless shufflin in their seats
Cause outside it was raining and inside it was dry
But there ain't no room at the inn tonight

The last round of the night it was ordered and Jules charged it to the house
She wished them merry Christmas as she gently shooed them out
Some headed for the carriage works some for Cleveland Road
To sleep and dream of myhre frankincense and gold

As Christmas morning it was breaking across the railway lines
The bells of Saint Andrews could be heard to chime
Church choirs were singin about the birth of a King
But for the old men of The Railway Hotel it didn't mean a thing
Track Name: John Kanaka Blues
When I was but a boy living by the sea a ship came and took me
And to Bundaberg we came to cut and haul the cane I'd never see my Mother again.

Ow - we set this blackbird free set this blackbird free

We'd toil six days a week in the rain and in the heat oh but no wages did they pay me
Just sugar flour and tea and the odd tobacco leaf and a place for me to sleep

Ow - we set this blackbird free set this blackbird free

And sometimes when I dream I'm back home by the sea and my Mother she's there with me
But I wake up and I'm still a slave oh but I'll be free I'll be free some day singing loud Tulai-e

Ow - we set this blackbird free set this blackbird free
Track Name: Dan O'Halloran
Adopted for the first time at the age of eleven
Nobody wanted Dan O’Halloran
He got himself into mischief, gangs and fights
In juvenile detention he spent most of his time
At the age of 19 he held up a servo
They sentenced him to 14 years up at Lithgow

He was 30 when I met him out 2 years on parole
Renting a flat in Redfern collecting the dole
Dan he was my neighbour and oft times I’d drink with him
You’d never know the man had turned 21 in prison
To spite his history and the wild look in his eye
Dan was the sort of bloke you'd trust with your life

Nobody knows what happened to Dan O’Halloran except me
And it makes me shiver
But his ghost can be heard a screaming along the banks of the Daintree River.

Many a time we wasted at the Raglan happy hour
Till one day he dragged me down to the bar at the Cauliflower
Put 100 on the counter Said Paddy drink it down
cause come next Friday I’ll be skippin town
I pressed him for details but he never told me why
We just toasted our friendship and said our goodbyes

1 week later this bikie comes around
Bashin on doors wonderin where Dan can be found
I’d been seen drinking with him so he gets all up in my face
I tell him Dan was just my neighbour and I aint seen him round the place
He told me Dan had pulled a knife ripped the wrong people off
and if I see the mongrel bastard tell him he’ll be lucky if he gets shot

1 year later I got a letter
Postmarked from QLD Dan had never been better
He’d been 9 months out at sea on a Cape York fishing boat
He’d saved up lots of money and was headed for the coast
He’d had enough of running so he set up in Port Douglas
Life was beer and sun and women and selling pills to the tourists

Happy hour at the Raglan back in Redfern drinking
I overheard a voice say “you remember that dog O’Halloran?”
We found the bastard livin it up North in Port Douglas
My ears pricked up and I swiveled round to face these two bikers
They both of them chuckled and one said through a smile
We tied him up and left him by the river to the saltwater crocodiles

Nobody knows what happened to Dan O’Halloran except me
And it makes me shiver
He was beaten and left to be eaten by the crocs on the banks of the Daintree River
He was tied up and left to be eaten by the crocs on the banks of the Daintree River
He was beaten and left to be eaten by the crocs on the banks of the Daintree River
Track Name: Gamblin' Man
Well I'm not a gamblin' man
Oh but nevertheless I tried my hand
So sick and tied of being poor
I bought a ticket in the Wednesday lottery draw

And that night while on the sup
I swear to God my numbers come up
I finished my bottle and then three more
I danced until my feet were sore

Ooow what's a poor man to do?

The first thing that I done
Is I got on the blower and called my Mum
Told her that her cares were through
I'd buy the house and a holiday too

Next I called my boss
in no uncertain terms I quit my job
he could shove his pay and his overtime too
This mans workin days are through

Next I called my girl
I told her I loved her and promised the world
Wedding bells and a chapel too
and a honeymoon in Vanuatu

Ooow what's a poor man to do?

Well I went to claim my prize
But it crumbled before my bloodshot eyes
With wishful thinking and getting drunk
I'd gone and got the numbers all stuffed up

Now whats a man to do
Stoney broke hungover too
Waitin' at the back of a Centrelink queue
I've let down Mum and there's a wedding soon

Ooow what's a poor man to do?
Track Name: Rain on the Mountain
I’m sorry that I went to town
I’m sorry that I messed around
But I know that you’ll forgive me
And things will be alright you’ll see

Go on pack your things and leave
And get your God damn hands off me
You’ve let me down too many times
I’m sick of all your shit and lies

Now baby just settle down
No need to throw your weight around
I can’t help who I am
After all hell I’m just a man

Well if that’s a man well I don’t need
No God Damn man anywhere near me
I’m gunna take our daughter too
She’s learned all she's gunna learn from you

I’ve seen rain lash the mountain and the mountain stand tall
But rain will lash the mountain till there’s no mountain at all
I aint gunna let you destroy me
Don’t leave me darling I’m begging you please
Track Name: Brunswick Street
I hope it rains tonight
The air is thick with the heat
I bum a smoke and I shuffle down
Brunswick Street

Fights spill from the bars
The taste of rum is sweet
The bouncers will hurt you
Brunswick Street

Pretty girls with bare legs
Kick the heels from their feet
Spew their guts in the doorways
Brunswick Street

I hope the Broncos lose
Or I won't get much sleep
I bum a light and I shuffle down
Brunswick Street

The buskers may as well beg
Piss stained concrete
Everybody looks the same
Brunswick Street

If I had the money
I'd leave for Bowen this week
Still waitin on that God damned rain
Brunswick Street