Pitt The Elder, "At The End Of The Day"

by Arrest Records Australia

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Pitt The Elder are a female-fronted Melbourne-based punk band formed out of the ashes of Aitches. "At The End Of The Day" is 12 songs that we can all relate to in our lives and friendships of those around us.

Released 20th March 2015

Em – vocals
Shaun – guitar/vocals
Jai – bass
Matt – drums

All lyrics written by Shaun except
Fought It lyrics written by Shaun and Joel Scanlan
Noodle Arms lyrics written by Joel

All music by Pitt the Elder
Who's on First, Phantom Pains, Your Heart, Always Waiting, Fought It, Cliffy Byro and Noodle Arms by Pitt the Elder and Joel Scanlan

Produced by Matt and Shaun

Drums recorded by Sam Johnson at Three Phase in Brunswick
Guitars recorded by Matt at Great View in Elliminyt
Bass recorded by Matt at Lady80 in Warrnambool
Vocals recorded by Matt at Westgarth Recorders in Northcote
Mixed by Sam Johnson at Three Phase
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side in New York

Art by Em


released March 20, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: Who's on First
Stay up late and wake up early, mind is racing
Can't get to sleep although I'm tired I end up pacing
Tell him, he's dreaming

Everybody's wondering 'who's on first?'
And I cannot decipher what is worse
Well the second hand is ticking through my skull
I want to laugh but my senses have been dulled

Poured hot coffee on my lap, I didn't realise
I wonder if I moved along would there be dry eyes
Inside, I'm screaming

Everybody's working overtime to get their foot in the door
But all I really want to do is curl up in a ball on the floor
It takes so long to get somewhere and then you see it crumble and fall
If anybody needs me I'll be in the bathroom listening to ALL
from At The End Of The Day, track released 21 October 2014
Track Name: Phantom Pains
Told them all, about the stories we once shared
Can't recall, how you got inside my head
Things went south, much faster than I'd planned
And I haven't got a map to bring this stricken ship to land

Don't get bored, get out
The time's come to move on and there's no doubt
Don't get mad, get rad
Jump the fence or make amends, don't keep things underground

Fight or flight, both responses have their faults
There's always staying still and hope the other person bolts
Reaction times, were slowed due to the dope
And now I know I'll never get my bond back & it's a joke

Settle the score, not any more
I'm gonna move on and create a brighter dawn
I'll make a change, won't rearrange
I'm gonna turn the page

To new roads and long flights
To sleeping bags and sleepless nights
To old friends and good times
Do it again, you know I will

To new mates and blue skies
To cold beers, Jameson & dry
If all I've got is one more night then at least you know I tried
from At The End Of The Day, track released 25 November 2014
Track Name: Always Waiting
The silence is deafening but nobody can hear me
Could swear my mouth is moving, but there's no volume

Do you think I care 'bout what you have to say?
Don't need the detail on how you spent your day
Can't get a word in, there's never a reprieve
And I'm always waiting 'round for you to leave

Would ask you a question but don't want to hear the answer
I think you've got a brain disease and your mouth is spitting cancer

It's always about you, do you even listen, listen?
I don't know what to do, don't think I'm getting through
And I'm sick of waiting 'round, fuck off and die